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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Wholesale" Furnishings for Lagoon Apartment

An update of the Lagoon apartment that belongs to Sara.
Today Sara went to "borong" almost all the household items from an expat who is leaving.  She managed to get many things at good prices and transported the stuff by lorry.
When the stuff were put into the empty apartment, they were all stored into the middle room first. That's because the lights, fans, metal grill etc have not been completely installed and certain defects still have to be repaired.
So here are pictures of the stuff that she bought.


  1. ikea wardrobe detected! hehehe...
    this is really mentor-protege thing. learn to borong 2nd hand items from the mentor. btw, how much is the purchase price for fridge here?

  2. Haha Eun-yong, this is furnishing on a shoe-string budget!

  3. It seems your friend Sara got a good deal, all the goods look brand new!

  4. Thanks for dropping by, Horlic. The condition of most of the items are good, the fridge is a bit old but still cold.