Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hari Mengecat Sedunia (World Painting Day)

I am borrowing this theme from my blogger and property investor friend, who replied to my comment on her page.  Hari Mengecat Sedunia, hehe!
Her post and comments
Hubby and I also painted one of our rooms today.  After the tenant moved out, we found it almost in dilapidated conditions.
Before painting, but after scraping off the old paint

Not sure how tenant could live in such dirty conditions
Using the long 3-day weekend (Thaipusam on Friday), we cleaned up as best as we could, and spent Sunday painting the room.  This is my first experience painting.  Hard work, but quite satisfactory.

Curtains washed and walls painted

Vacuumed and cleaned even under the bed

Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Tenant In Today

A quick update with much thankfulness that one of the empty rooms in my SD Tiara apartment is taken up after almost 3 months of vacancy.  There were many offers to take up before but without firm action of paying a deposit to secure the room.  Finally this tenant made a decision to move in and informed me 2 days ago.

Another note that I am  very thankful for is that my current tenant for the small room is a very clean guy.  Young and single and scrupulously clean.  Every weekend he cleans up his room and the entire house!
I am so pleasantly surprised.
I am thankful and attracting my next (clean) tenant for the middle room!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Messy Room Left Behind By Tenant

One of my tenants left and I was not able to be around to get the keys from him before he left.
Luckily I have the spare room keys, and this is what I found when I entered the room.

And he has left the country for good and do not plan to come back, but there are remnants of books, clothes, 1 old computer bag, exercise dumb-bells etc.  No choice, J and I quickly cleaned up as best as we could.  At the end we manage to throw out most of the useless stuff, packed the books in a bag to keep, (in case any new students can use them) and even mopped the floor and cleaned the room.

Ready for new tenant to take over, hopefully a clean person this time.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Regalia Studio - Rented!

After 15 days, our Regalia unit is rented out!  Expatriate couple, 1 working near Subang Parade - therefore would be taking the KTM commuter to work.
During these 2 weeks we got many calls from property agents active at renting out Regalia units.  We also had many viewings but no takers.  Thankfully, today, the couple paid deposit and signed the tenancy agreement for a year.  Thank you to all agents who had tried to help us.  We hope that the tenants find comfort and convenience in this little apartment.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Regalia Studio for Rent

We have had quite a number of challenges trying to make our apartment a comfy place to stay, mainly because both J and I had been too busy.  This is also our 2nd experience getting a brand new unit with VP handed over to us, the first being many, many years ago when we weren't property investors.  There were so many things to do.
So the progress has been slow and we were taking our own time, which is not a good idea for property investors.  But while we set it up we often take the kids to enjoy the pool there - combining investment agenda with personal agenda, ahem, not professional at all.

Enjoying the Skypool

However on 31 May, we finally got everything more or less in order.

J repainted the Ikea table with walnut wood stain

The Ikea bookshelf makes a nice separator.

Washer and dryer included.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Replacing Fallen Kitchen Tiles

In my previous post Cleaning apartments for rent, one of the apartments had the kitchen tiles falling off the edge of the kitchen worktop, both at the sink and also at the cooker hob.
Obviously this was because of the poor workmanship of cementing the tiles because there were places where the cement was not applied - causing hollow tiles.

At first I thought the job was as simple as buying some glue or cement and sticking the tiles back.  However, J looked at it and thought that the existing patchy cement needed to be removed first before applying new cement, so this was a job beyond him.

Luckily, I had a contact for kitchen cabinets specialist, and I sent the above pictures to them to describe the problem.  They responded that they can fix it, provided I had all the tile pieces.  It turned out that some tiles, after they dropped off, were somehow missing as well :-(

Finally we went to look for the same type of tiles and found a piece by chance.  It wasn't exactly the same, but it would do. After getting the tile, we arranged for the contractor to come replace the tiles, it took quite a few hours as the "sifu" was very patiently drilling away the old dried cement and cutting the tiles to the right size.  I would post the finished pictures here but I had forgotten to take the picture.
Update:  Posted the pictures here below:

The tile colour is slightly different but that is OK

I am relieved that this problem was fixed finally and the workmanship was good too.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Following the advice on KC Lau's book "Top Money Tips for Malaysians",  I went to open an SSPN account to maximize the savings for my child's education and take advantage of the tax relief of 2012.

SSPN form
The application and savings can be submitted in any Maybank or CIMB.  So I applied for mine at a CIMB branch.  You also need to bring cash, a copy of the parent's Mykad and a copy of the child's birth cert/Mykid, and ask for the SSPN form at the bank for filling up.
After the deposit has been made, in a few weeks time I received my SSPN card with the designated account numbers.  To get a statement from SSPN, just view the e-statement from the PTPTN website.