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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Long-awaited Tenant

I think I fell into the trap of complacency as a landlord.  Gone were the days when property rental is hot and fast, and I was too slow to note it.  Indeed, I was puzzled why viewer after viewer rejected taking my room, and then I consulted my fellow blogger, investor and good friend at Property Waltz.

True, the rental market has slowed down for that area due to emerging competition, but she also pointed out a few points when she saw pictures of the room that I sent her.
1. Walls unpainted and dull
2. Bed too close to window
3. Curtains not put up  (I already bought new curtain but I didn't put it up, wanted to let the new tenant have 1st hand new curtain).

Before the improvements

So I listened to her room improvement pointers and here are the results:
Add a picture to brighten the walls

Repainted the wall and moved the bed

Moved the Ikea wardrobe so one wall doesn't look so empty

Hopefully, I am that much closer to attracting my next clean and responsible tenant.

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