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Monday, December 26, 2011

TNB owner: Change of Name process

Here I share a step by step guide for TNB power reconnection after deactivation of account by a previous owner.
1. Get a copy of the old TNB bill, that will tell you which Kedai TNB you have to go. It is very surprising that sometimes the Kedai TNB that is assigned to your area, isn't the one that is nearest to you.
2. Go to that Kedai TNB and get 2 forms for filling up (application form, permohonan bekalan elektrik domestik, and a letter of undertaking, surat akujanji dan tanggung rugi)
3. Go to the nearest LHDN to pay RM10 stamp duty each for both forms to get stamped.
4. Bring along a copy of the S&P and a copy of your NRIC and your spouse's NRIC.
5. Cash for the 2-months TNB deposit and an application fee of RM3.
I think the worst part is having to run to LHDN, so it would be easier to get the forms prepared in advance, fill them up and get them stamped.
For more info, visit this TNB website and the conditions form that I attach in this picture.


  1. Oh thanks, this is great post. I think to do this on one of my rental apartment. After that can monitor bill online whether tenant the bill or not.

  2. Hi Zianit, thanks for dropping by and congrats on your new rental apartment.

  3. I think instead of running to LHDN, you can also buy RM10 setem hasil from the post office instead.

  4. Hymm Selector, I have checked with TNB, even if we buy the RM10 setem hasil, we still need to go to LHDN for marking on that stamp. Setem hasil without LHDN endorsement is not accepted.

  5. is it easier to just transfer name and deposit to the new owners or better to disconnect and get new owners to go apply themselves?

  6. Idoblu, if you are the seller, and the house is without tenants, then it is OK for you to disconnect and get back your deposit. But if there are tenants, you cannot disconnect the electricity first, so it is best to go together with the new buyer to do everything on the spot.