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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tenancy Agreement - Early Termination

Here's my first experience of dealing with "expat" Iranian family tenants.  After renting my condominium unit for 1 month, and paying the 1st rental (because the earlier rental was given as agent's commission), they suddenly tell me that they would like to move out.  By then, the agreement was stamped with a tight clause, that early termination means forfeiture of 2 months' deposit.

The family keep on bugging me to let them off the hook, I had so much problems because now I would have to engage the agent to get another tenant and lose another months' rental in commissions.   Actually, they were a very nice family of 2 couple and 2 children in their early 20's (studying in Malaysia) and I could not understand why they suddenly want to do that.  Then I found out that the Dad had a heart attack, and was admitted to hospital, and wanted to be transferred back to Iran for the medical follow up.
So, I had to let them go, but we were still negotiating the deposit return terms.
Thankfully, everything worked out well.  It turns out that they had a cousin from Iran who was coming to Malaysia under the MM2H program.  So the cousin and his wife, just took over the whole tenancy from them, and I get to keep my deposits (they just paid the deposit to the 1st family).  So no loss of rental, no loss of another month's agent commission.  Just to cancel the first agreement and do up a new agreement with new stamping.
Sometimes, things all fall into place.  Again, I am grateful for the ups and downs as a landlady.

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