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Friday, December 23, 2011

Hard Working

Today I learnt something about entrepreneurship from a taxi driver, Omar.
While in his taxi today I overheard him cutting a deal for RM150,000. So I asked him what he was selling.
He explained that he acts as an introducer in land deals.  Besides that, he also provides extra service like running to the land office to check titles and making sure the deal goes through.  He also explained that because he is not a licensed agent, his introducer work is governed by legal agreements and also options. Based on his introducer fees, he could earn as much as 2% of the sale price.
I asked him why he was still driving his taxi when he could be full time in this land sale business.  He said he is building his network, for example, while talking to me, perhaps I also have a piece of land that I could ask him to sell.  He further explained that he has to be hard working, he has 5 children and the eldest in studying Islamic Law in Mecca, and the second child will enter university soon.
I told him that as long as we are hardworking, there will be opportunities, to which he said "God willing."
I admire such enterprising people who would work hard to change their fate, all contributing to a better life and a better world.


  1. very inspiring story.. if a taxi driver can do multiple job at a time to earn money for survice, why should not us?