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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Unifi Installation at SD Tiara apartment

Here's an update of the Unifi installation.  After the application on Oct 22, the clerk told me that the estimated installation date would be Nov 15.   In actual fact, I got it installed on Nov 24.   I was given a call 3 days in advance (last Sunday) and notified that the installation would take place at 9.30am.
This time the installation is no longer free.  There is a fee of RM200 which is built into the monthly bill (RM40 X 5 months).  Other than that, the package for 5MB is still at RM149 monthly.

This time, J went to the apartment to do all the work.  He went prepared with a 4-gang extension plug and a long telephone cable that we had lying in the house that was not used.  Because TM only provides a standard line of 5m, if you require longer than that they will charge the cost for the new cable. This was from the experience of the 1st installation at The Domain.  Installation took nearly 2 hours, but the overall service was good.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tycoon with a Cause

Last Saturday from 9am-5pm, about 40 people attended a charity event called Tycoon with A Cause. 2 property tycoons came to share about their personal experience in their property investments.
I was inspired by the 2 speakers, especially Juanita Chin. She is such a simple and unassuming woman.  She showed that a simple person such as herself can really work towards her dream in becoming financially free through property investments.  And after becoming successful, she still comes back to share her experience and encourage others to walk the path she has treaded.

It was truly an amazing session meeting tycoons like her, giving back to society and helping other people.

Property Dance First Post

Property Investment is like a dance, I told a friend. It is an experience, a journey where we learn the skills and techniques of mastering the tasks, almost like learning a dance. And because it brings me so much joy and will ultimately be the key to my freedom, a dance is a good analogy.
Here in this blog, I will update my property journal, including learnings and thoughts. I hope that you will like it here, do drop me comments now and then to let me know what you think.

Photo: View of Hong Kong properties from Victoria's Peak