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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Update on Lagoon Perdana Apartment, Sunway

Finally after many months of work, Sara's apartment at Bandar Sunway is ready for rental.  Hopefully, the rental is smooth and without any anxiety to her.  Her hubby has almost done everything himself on the wiring, lights and even plumbing.  Sara only engaged contractor to do the grills.  The rest of the items are from the earlier "borong" sale, or picked up later.  Some of the items are brand new because they require delivery.
The selling point of this unit that it is bright and tastefully decorated. Sara even installed an RO water filter system in the kitchen because she knows that students are too busy to boil water for themselves and having safe and clean drinking water is a priority to students and their parents.
The apartment has 3 rooms, all equipped with study tables and chairs, beds and mattresses, wardrobe, lights and fans.  The common sharing items include fridge, tv, washing machine and a brand new microwave oven.
Good luck, Sara, hope you can get all your tenants soon.


  1. teacher, the house is soooo nice la.. Sayang nye bg sewa..huhuhu...

  2. Hehe, thanks for dropping by Juanita. Nice house means very good selling point vs. competitors! So far Sara dah dapat sewa small room and middle room. Tinggal master room je.

  3. what a good owner ur friend..everything she installed for her tenants..n the most sweet things is of cos RO water filter..i want it too!hee

  4. Cik Erza, luckily after installing all these she gets all the tenants and have positive cash flow.