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Sunday, March 27, 2011

All Neocyber Domain Owners: Sesi Bantahan Cukai Pintu Tahunan

Dear Fellow Neocyber Domain Owners,
Did you gals and guys send a surat bantahan of the Domain apartment's cukai pintu valued at RM441.00 yearly?

I did and now I got a notice to attend a hearing session on 2 April 2011, Saturday, 1pm at Pejabat MP Sepang.

If you did not receive this letter, I am not sure if you could attend, but I urge you to quickly write in for your protest as well.  There is power in numbers, we can ask for a lower cukai pintu.  You can submit your protest at the website: http://www.mpsepang.gov.my/home, then go to the bottom left, click on e-aduan.  You need to register to use this function, but just submit your protest and hopefully you will get an invitation to attend the session too.  Please support this to lower our maintenance costs. And please share this with other Domain owners that you know.

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