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Monday, July 30, 2012

Terminal Pahlawan, Hatten Launch, Aug 2012

Hatten group is launching Terminal Pahlawan which is a new retail hub integrated with bus station. 
It is the new expansion to the famed shopping district of Pahlawan City. With the launching of Terminal Pahlawan, new retail lots are linked to the existing Hatten Square and near the newly opened Hatten Hotel.

Terminal Pahlawan consists of two (2) main blocks interconnecting – Hatten Square Wing and Coaches Wing. Terminal Pahlawan will be providing 30 coaches bay for hotel and tourists.

 *2.5 Acres of Shopping Complex / Retails *4 Floors for Retails with 3 Floors Car Park * Total 250 units  * From 65sf – 1500sf * Expected Completion 2nd Quarter 2015  
* Earnest Deposit of RM10,000 upon booking and signing OTP/OTR
*Leaseback 2 years – Compulsory Lease Back 15% for 2 years
-  7% p.a. guaranteed return for 1st year
-  8% p.a. guaranteed return for 2nd year (hence add together is 15%)
-  Thereafter, the Developer may exercise the option to renew the tenancy for another 2 years at the rental of not less than 8% per annum based on Purchase Price
* Launch Discount of 10% on 10-12 Aug 2012, at Hatten Square Ground Floor  (see note below on 15% discount)

* Legal fees and disbursements on SPA, DMC, TA and PA waived (panel solicitors to be appointed by Developer)
* Legal fees and disbursements on loan documentation to be borne by Purchaser
For more info, call Hatten sales gallery: 06-2812882.
You can check out the unit layout plans here: http://www.hattengrp.com/WebLITE/Applications/news/uploaded/docs/TerminalPahlawan.pdf
Anyone who wishes to purchase a unit, please contact me for recommendation, we will share the cash recommendation fee of RM1,500 (RM750 each).  Happy investing!

An update:  Total buyer's discount is 15% if booking is made before 9 Aug 2012. From 10-12 Aug it is 10%, plus every buyer gets a Samsung note (please confirm with the sales dept, they keep on changing the info.)

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