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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shang Villa is tenanted

I am so grateful that without having to worry too much, Shang Villa unit is rented out safely by a couple.  It was a case of today view and book, tomorrow move in.  Whao, I felt "kelam-kabut" for a while because there was a list of things to be done and in a hurry too!

Thankfully, I have so much help from the agent, an old "Uncle". It is funny how at first I didn't like this agent as I felt he was too overbearing and controlling.  Then I decided to let go of any unsatisfactory feelings towards him, and the whole relationship changed.  I actually found him helpful and he managed to rent out my unit to whom I hope is a good, prompt-payment couple.
Yesterday I got the aircond people to service the 3 airconds, and 1 of them needed a compressor replacement.  I didn't even have to be there as the agent opened the door for them.  Also the apartment needed to be cleaned thoroughly and I couldn't believe it, the old Uncle agent got his maids to come do the cleaning FOC.  He said it was on him for giving him the business.  Wow! Thank You!
Today we went to the apartment as J acted as the handyman to fix a bed and change a bathroom tap. Baby Xin tagged along, she is now at the age where we couldn't go anywhere leaving her behind.  As a treat she got a box of M&S cookies from my new tenants, and she was very well behaved.
So there, hopefully no more follow ups to be done, fingers-crossed.


  1. i know that old uncle i used to stay (renting)in Shang Villa and I found him controlling too.

    He would come to our house and call my housemate's name early in the morning. i found it disturbing. Not that we dont pay the house rent -__-"

  2. Yup, that's why I would not let him further interfere. He also provides rent collection service, at a fee.