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Monday, July 30, 2012

Terminal Pahlawan, Hatten Launch, Aug 2012

Hatten group is launching Terminal Pahlawan which is a new retail hub integrated with bus station. 
It is the new expansion to the famed shopping district of Pahlawan City. With the launching of Terminal Pahlawan, new retail lots are linked to the existing Hatten Square and near the newly opened Hatten Hotel.

Terminal Pahlawan consists of two (2) main blocks interconnecting – Hatten Square Wing and Coaches Wing. Terminal Pahlawan will be providing 30 coaches bay for hotel and tourists.

 *2.5 Acres of Shopping Complex / Retails *4 Floors for Retails with 3 Floors Car Park * Total 250 units  * From 65sf – 1500sf * Expected Completion 2nd Quarter 2015  
* Earnest Deposit of RM10,000 upon booking and signing OTP/OTR
*Leaseback 2 years – Compulsory Lease Back 15% for 2 years
-  7% p.a. guaranteed return for 1st year
-  8% p.a. guaranteed return for 2nd year (hence add together is 15%)
-  Thereafter, the Developer may exercise the option to renew the tenancy for another 2 years at the rental of not less than 8% per annum based on Purchase Price
* Launch Discount of 10% on 10-12 Aug 2012, at Hatten Square Ground Floor  (see note below on 15% discount)

* Legal fees and disbursements on SPA, DMC, TA and PA waived (panel solicitors to be appointed by Developer)
* Legal fees and disbursements on loan documentation to be borne by Purchaser
For more info, call Hatten sales gallery: 06-2812882.
You can check out the unit layout plans here: http://www.hattengrp.com/WebLITE/Applications/news/uploaded/docs/TerminalPahlawan.pdf
Anyone who wishes to purchase a unit, please contact me for recommendation, we will share the cash recommendation fee of RM1,500 (RM750 each).  Happy investing!

An update:  Total buyer's discount is 15% if booking is made before 9 Aug 2012. From 10-12 Aug it is 10%, plus every buyer gets a Samsung note (please confirm with the sales dept, they keep on changing the info.)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Regalia in pictures

Stepping into Regalia for the first time today, with "uncofirmed" information that the VP is in Aug/Sept 2012.
Infinity skydeck pool

Show units

Monday, July 2, 2012

Aircond con-man

Today I discovered that I have been conned by the aircond repair guy.
On Saturday, the company that I called sent 3 guys to service my airconds at Shang Villa, and discovered that 1 compressor is not working and needed replacement.  One guy called me and said that a replacement would be about RM400 inclusive of labour.  I asked when this can be done, and he said that I need to make another appointment with his company before they can set a date for me.  I decided to call on Monday.
Then yesterday (Sunday) I went to the condo to repair the minor things like the bed and the leaky pipe.  While that was going on, 1 of the 3 guys who repaired the aircond showed up and said he was going to change the compressor now.  I was surprised because he didn't call me to make an appointment, but since the tenant recognized him as the guy who came yesterday, I didn't suspect anything.
He made repairs and in about 30mins, said that he has completed the job.  We left the aircond on to test it, meanwhile the guy collected the money for repairs and for servicing the other 2 airconds on Saturday.  He even went downstairs to his car with the money, came back to write me a receipt and put his handphone number on the receipt, saying I was to call this number for a 5-month warranty.  Then we all went home.
At night, the tenant called to complain that the aircond wasn't cold at all, the replaced compressor did not make any difference.
So today (Monday), I called the office to complain.  I got a shock when the office receptionist said they did not send anybody on Sunday, because they don't work on Sundays.
Then I called the number that the guy wrote on the receipt, and a guy answered and said this was for a massage parlor service!
When I related to the office about the whole incident, then they realized what happened.  Indeed that guy was one of the workers of this aircond repair company, but he was terminated for dishonest behavior on Saturday.  My condo was his last job under that company.  So this guy had actually came in his personal capacity to collect the aircond service money from me, giving me bogus receipts and all.
At the end, to cut a long story short, the company's boss called up personally to apologize for all that has happened, and asked me to install a new aircond instead of trying to replace another compressor, giving me a discount, so that when I calculate the costs of aircond replacement plus the servicing (that the company didn't receive a cent for), both the company and I more or less broke even.  The only person who "untung" was that con-man, who earned from me and the company.
Anyway, as this is a blog of gratitude, I am posting this here because I am grateful for a few things:
1. The company dealt with this incident professionally and honestly, without demanding that I pay them the rest of the service money.
2. New Fujiaire aircond was installed the next day, with warranty card and all, and tenant was very happy with the service.
3. At the end of the day, I didn't "rugi" a whole lot, just learnt a lesson on safety as well.
So I will continue to use this aircond servicing company.   I learnt that aircond companies do not let their contractors contact client personally for service appointments, all of that has to be done with the office.  Anyone wants a reliable aircond contractor with professional and responsible services, here it is:  Fine Air Services, Sri Kembangan, tel: 03-89482213.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shang Villa is tenanted

I am so grateful that without having to worry too much, Shang Villa unit is rented out safely by a couple.  It was a case of today view and book, tomorrow move in.  Whao, I felt "kelam-kabut" for a while because there was a list of things to be done and in a hurry too!

Thankfully, I have so much help from the agent, an old "Uncle". It is funny how at first I didn't like this agent as I felt he was too overbearing and controlling.  Then I decided to let go of any unsatisfactory feelings towards him, and the whole relationship changed.  I actually found him helpful and he managed to rent out my unit to whom I hope is a good, prompt-payment couple.
Yesterday I got the aircond people to service the 3 airconds, and 1 of them needed a compressor replacement.  I didn't even have to be there as the agent opened the door for them.  Also the apartment needed to be cleaned thoroughly and I couldn't believe it, the old Uncle agent got his maids to come do the cleaning FOC.  He said it was on him for giving him the business.  Wow! Thank You!
Today we went to the apartment as J acted as the handyman to fix a bed and change a bathroom tap. Baby Xin tagged along, she is now at the age where we couldn't go anywhere leaving her behind.  As a treat she got a box of M&S cookies from my new tenants, and she was very well behaved.
So there, hopefully no more follow ups to be done, fingers-crossed.