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Friday, January 27, 2012

Kitchen Utensils

While I am still on CNY leave today, I went to Ikea to get the necessary kitchen utensils for my new tenant. This list was discussed with the lady of the house.  These are the items:
Bonus cutlery set: 13.90 (this is cheaper than the Carrefour discount range, unbelievable)
Slipad knives set: 7.90
Rufsig wok utensils 2 pcs: 4.90
Akut kitchen utensils 3 pcs: 3.00
Vanlig glass 22cl 6 pcs: 9.90
Lugn flat plates 2 pcs: 5.80
Fundra dish drainer: 7.90 (I decided to buy plastic, vs wood or metal for long-lasting factor)
Smula tray: 9.90 (I added this to the dish drainer after some thought).
Total Ikea items: RM63.20

On top of that I already purchased:
Carrefour discount  4-pc pot/pan set: 28.80 (discounted from 45.90)
Carrefour whistling kettle:  29.90 (discounted from 39.90).

FOC items:
4pcs of new dinner plates (unused and taking up space in my kitchen cupboard)
2 mugs (courtesy of Affin bank last year)

Total spend: RM121.90! Overspent! Overspent! As I budgeted only about RM100.

But then I remember what Rohaniah Noor  mentioned in her blog, that tenants are also one of the VIPs in our investing life. I hope they are so touched that that they will stay long.

On top of that, I did have a lot of fun shopping with Baby Xin.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tenants' Requirements

I just got back from signing the tenancy agreement with the new tenant today.  As informed by the negotiator, the tenant came back with a list of to-do items.
1. Call Gas Malaysia, gas seems to be disconnected already.
2. 2 bathroom WC pipes are leaking, needs to be fixed by plumber.
3. 2 bathroom doors need to be fixed with clothes hangers - this one I will ask hubby to do (the old tenant left behind some Ikea clothes hanger knobs that are new)
4. Replace the door-lock of the kitchen yard, it's broken.
On top of that, I agreed to furnish the kitchen utensils, so dishes, cutlery, glasses and a dish rack still need to be bought.

On the bright side, after the negotiator left, I sat talking with the couple for a while, and found that they are really friendly and decent.  They seem careful about my stuff and do not take things for granted.  I hope this tenancy works out for at least a year, or more.

Image from: http://www.abeachcottage.com/2010/04/beach-cottage-kitchen-mini-makeover.html

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Tenancy

Continuing from my previous post on Selling With Tenancy?, I have a little good news to share.  Today a prospective tenant came to view the property and agreed to rent. An earnest deposit was paid and the tenant is to move in by March 2012.

What a relief to my friend who owns the property.  In fact, it was very important not to buy with just existing tenancy, but the location, occupancy rate and bank valuation are very important to determine whether a property is worth buying or not.  That is because existing tenancy does not guarantee future tenancy and it is really up to the qualities of the property that determines its rent-ability.

Photo credit: http://truepropertymanagement.blogspot.com/2011/10/what-every-tenant-needs-to-know.html

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cleaning Apartment for New Tenant

Today my new tenant and I agreed to meet to sign the tenancy agreement and handover the keys.  So I decided to go a bit earlier to clean up the room and the apartment.
I must say when I was cleaning up, my objective was to let the new tenant have a good impression and to keep clean.  The apartment, inhabited by 3 bachelors, to say the least, were covered in an inch of dust.  And the bathroom - alamak! - I don't even want to post the picture here because it was too disgusting (thankfully the toilet bowl was fairly clean).  Wah, I worked very hard like a little scullery maid today, scrubbing the fungus-infested bathroom walls.  After the tenant had taken his keys and left (he has not moved in yet), I continued working because I cannot stand such dirt in the apartment.  I worked from 5pm to 7.30pm, while I was cleaning, I was thinking, if I had invested in commercial properties only, I wouldn't have to clean toilets ;-)

Image from: http://www.rjohnwright.com/chrsingsweetnightingale.html