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Friday, January 27, 2012

Kitchen Utensils

While I am still on CNY leave today, I went to Ikea to get the necessary kitchen utensils for my new tenant. This list was discussed with the lady of the house.  These are the items:
Bonus cutlery set: 13.90 (this is cheaper than the Carrefour discount range, unbelievable)
Slipad knives set: 7.90
Rufsig wok utensils 2 pcs: 4.90
Akut kitchen utensils 3 pcs: 3.00
Vanlig glass 22cl 6 pcs: 9.90
Lugn flat plates 2 pcs: 5.80
Fundra dish drainer: 7.90 (I decided to buy plastic, vs wood or metal for long-lasting factor)
Smula tray: 9.90 (I added this to the dish drainer after some thought).
Total Ikea items: RM63.20

On top of that I already purchased:
Carrefour discount  4-pc pot/pan set: 28.80 (discounted from 45.90)
Carrefour whistling kettle:  29.90 (discounted from 39.90).

FOC items:
4pcs of new dinner plates (unused and taking up space in my kitchen cupboard)
2 mugs (courtesy of Affin bank last year)

Total spend: RM121.90! Overspent! Overspent! As I budgeted only about RM100.

But then I remember what Rohaniah Noor  mentioned in her blog, that tenants are also one of the VIPs in our investing life. I hope they are so touched that that they will stay long.

On top of that, I did have a lot of fun shopping with Baby Xin.


  1. hope the investment worth. ikea tu...

  2. Ok ok lah. But I was surprised to discover that some of the items in Ikea are cheaper than Carrefour.