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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cleaning Apartment for New Tenant

Today my new tenant and I agreed to meet to sign the tenancy agreement and handover the keys.  So I decided to go a bit earlier to clean up the room and the apartment.
I must say when I was cleaning up, my objective was to let the new tenant have a good impression and to keep clean.  The apartment, inhabited by 3 bachelors, to say the least, were covered in an inch of dust.  And the bathroom - alamak! - I don't even want to post the picture here because it was too disgusting (thankfully the toilet bowl was fairly clean).  Wah, I worked very hard like a little scullery maid today, scrubbing the fungus-infested bathroom walls.  After the tenant had taken his keys and left (he has not moved in yet), I continued working because I cannot stand such dirt in the apartment.  I worked from 5pm to 7.30pm, while I was cleaning, I was thinking, if I had invested in commercial properties only, I wouldn't have to clean toilets ;-)

Image from: http://www.rjohnwright.com/chrsingsweetnightingale.html


  1. yeah yeah... mari kumpul commercial property!

  2. Good idea, Anie, but I will always miss decorating apartments!

  3. Hope to get your views on Alam Jaya Commercial Centre (AJCC).

    Do check out my blog!

  4. Hi Steven, I do apologize, I am not familiar with AJCC. And I see that you have done some extensive visits to the area already ;-) Best wishes.

  5. This contract will ask you, amongst other things like looking after the property as if it were your own, to leave a deposit which is usually equivalent to a month's rent and is necessary for the owner to have should the tenant not leave the property in the same state as which it was given. In other words this deposit is for in case any items have been broken during the rental period.

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