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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tenants' Requirements

I just got back from signing the tenancy agreement with the new tenant today.  As informed by the negotiator, the tenant came back with a list of to-do items.
1. Call Gas Malaysia, gas seems to be disconnected already.
2. 2 bathroom WC pipes are leaking, needs to be fixed by plumber.
3. 2 bathroom doors need to be fixed with clothes hangers - this one I will ask hubby to do (the old tenant left behind some Ikea clothes hanger knobs that are new)
4. Replace the door-lock of the kitchen yard, it's broken.
On top of that, I agreed to furnish the kitchen utensils, so dishes, cutlery, glasses and a dish rack still need to be bought.

On the bright side, after the negotiator left, I sat talking with the couple for a while, and found that they are really friendly and decent.  They seem careful about my stuff and do not take things for granted.  I hope this tenancy works out for at least a year, or more.

Image from: http://www.abeachcottage.com/2010/04/beach-cottage-kitchen-mini-makeover.html


  1. all the best with the new tenant.
    tapi siap bagi utensils lagi.. waaaaaa

  2. Ya lah, later I will update here the total costs of furnishing utensils. Sigh....