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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TNB change of name - Part 2

Following my previous post of the requirements of TNB change of name process when you take over a new property, here is my experience at Kedai TNB Jalan Selangor Petaling Jaya.
Of course, yesterday is the 1st day of work after the long Raya weekend.  I took a number for applying for changing name, and there were about 20 people waiting.  When the owner came, she said she has not paid the last bill yet, so we'd better take a number for the payment of bills.  There were 70 people waiting!
So when it came our turn, we asked about the bill, and the officer who was very helpful said, no problem, she could just knock it off from the owner's deposit, instead of the owner queuing to pay the bill.  We were relieved.
Then it was time to change to my name and I had to pay a new deposit for the new account number.  This time, she said I had to pay at the payment counter, and by this time there were 40 people waiting (from the queue number that we first took).  Luckily I didn't throw away my number slip for the payment!
So, lesson learnt, when entering TNB to do new account ownership, always take 2 numbers, 1 for payment and 1 for change of names.  Unless there are not many people waiting but you will never know.
So for the whole fiasco of going to LHDN for stamping (which has hardly customers) to the TNB, it took me a total of 4 hours going there and coming back.

P/S: One more thing: I discovered that TNB Jalan Selangor offers the stamping service for their clients (just pay them RM20), unlike TNB Taman Melawati who insists that you go to LHDN to stamp yourself.  For verification, call them before going.
PP/S:  If you need the soft copy of the TNB forms, please call TNB careline, they can email you in advance for you to go to LHDN for stamping, so you don't have to go to TNB twice.


  1. TNB Jalan Selangor offers the stamping service for their clients

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  2. Yes, David, I asked the counter staff, they say they offer the stamping service. I think it's best to call ahead to clarify, who knows, the services may change in the future.