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Saturday, September 15, 2012

"0" Cashflow

I am actually very thankful.
I bought a property last year with negative cashflow.  
I bought it because of its good location, potential to appreciate and because of the rarity of properties for sale in that area, which I have been targeting for quite some time.  However, the bad point is I would be in negative cash flow every month.
I calculated the time to expiry of the current tenancy, and decided to bear with it.  So when it expired last August, I raised the rent.  I checked the current market rate and persuaded the tenant to accept it 2 months before expiry, we negotiated back and forth. Thankfully, they accepted it.
So now, I have gone from negative to "0" cashflow.  And my property paper value has appreciated.
So I am thankful!  Yeah!


  1. wowww.. this is great. this year 0 cashflow. then few more coming year, u will get 4 figure cashflow. the time will come

  2. Thanks Anie, may our investments continue to grow and bear fruits.