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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Facelift at my Unit

Due to inconsistent rent payments, I gave my tenants at one unit around 3 months' of notice and asked them to move out.  After they left, the condition of the apartment unit looks very shabby and had to be repainted and repaired before I could attract new tenants.  This is not the fault of the old tenants, in fact they had been very tolerant of the unit condition when they moved in 2 years back.

The worst part was the peeling paint from the balconies and the less-than-white ceilings.

So, a facelift had to be given to the unit and I managed to get the painters' contact from my blogger and property investor friend, propertywaltz.

Here are the after-results.  Wall colour changed from white to beige.

Looks so much brighter and cheerful now with the new colour.

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