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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Dream Home - Plans Deferred

Worried about the rising prices of property, J and I decided to have a look at the property that we thought would make our dream home.  Perhaps there was some way we could buy it now, rent it out for a period of time and hedge against the value appreciation?  Then when the time comes, we would move into the property.
Renovated Kitchen

The most valuable view

View from the swimming pool

View from bedroom
So we got in touch with an agent who was courteous and professional and she showed us 3 different layouts of the condominium.  I fell in love with it even more.
However, we found out that the capital appreciation had already occurred way beyond our grasp.  Our finances right now would not be able to afford it.  So we went home.
As we sat discussing our finances, we found that our home right now is comfortable and familiar, even though it may be a bit small.  And we would be so much better putting our savings into other affordable property investments than embarking in buying a home like that. We would be taking a gamble on whether it could get rented out or not in the meantime. And so we deferred our plans of a dream home for a while.  One day, we will get our dream home, but right now, it is time to build a solid foundation.


  1. Nice view from the Maple Condo!

  2. Horlick, it's lovely, isn't it? But it will remain a dream for now :-)