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Friday, January 14, 2011

How I got into my first experience at public auction

Last Tuesday while I was on leave from work, I came across the CIMB Home Fiesta. So I called them to register because I wanted to attend the event and also observe the property auctions.
After the phone registration, I received an email which contained a list of properties to be auctioned on Saturday.  One of the properties, Mutiara Villa, with its reserved price of RM190k, caught my eye.  So I called up one of the many agents who listed this property to inquire.  And suddenly this hyperactive agent wanted to come over to see me to explain the whole auction process.
And that was how I got into my first auction as a bidder ;-)
When I told Sara the story, this was her opinion of me:
"This Haruki cannot sit still even for a minute. 
Just because she is on leave for a day, this is what she got herself into."
Stay tuned for the actual auction experience....

Photo credit: Starproperty: Property investment: Opportunities at property auctions by Azizi Ali

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