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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Doing up Lagoon Apartment in the New Year

My friend Sara is doing up her first property for rental.  And because I am experienced (ahem!), I helped her to draw up a budget and find furnishings for her apartment.  The target tenants are students.
Today we made the first move.  She bought a dining table set and her hubby helped her to transport it to the apartment.  Later he would also fix some lights in the apartment as well.
Here are the current pictures.
Living room

Master room with attached bath

Middle room
We are excited about furnishing this apartment and renting it out in time for the new intake of college students.  Best of luck to us!


  1. hm...menarik ni? will she be good in buying ops.. 'borong'ing 2nd hand furnitures and appliances too? hehehe

  2. Eun-yong, she is not good at boronging but I am! Hehehe. Will show the progress here.