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Friday, February 15, 2013


Following the advice on KC Lau's book "Top Money Tips for Malaysians",  I went to open an SSPN account to maximize the savings for my child's education and take advantage of the tax relief of 2012.

SSPN form
The application and savings can be submitted in any Maybank or CIMB.  So I applied for mine at a CIMB branch.  You also need to bring cash, a copy of the parent's Mykad and a copy of the child's birth cert/Mykid, and ask for the SSPN form at the bank for filling up.
After the deposit has been made, in a few weeks time I received my SSPN card with the designated account numbers.  To get a statement from SSPN, just view the e-statement from the PTPTN website.

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