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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Moving Stuff

We had a busy day today moving some stuff from our home to the new apartment that we wanted to furnish.  Hubby is so great, he just asked me to borrow the Arena and we together with the kids move the stuff by ourselves.  It started to drizzle but luckily stayed like that, not much heavier.
I followed behind the furniture car, we moved the Ikea Klippan sofa and an Ikea bedframe.
When we got there, the guard told us we were not supposed to be doing moving on a Sunday.  However hubby explained to him that that is the only day we could borrow the little pickup, and after some friendly exchanges they let us go.  It was no small feat moving the stuff just between us. Plus the sofa cover was soaked wet.  So in the end we removed the cover to take it home to wash, thankfully it protected the sofa underneath.
The weird things we do as landlords.....

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