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Friday, February 8, 2013

Cleaning Up Apartments for Rent

It's the eve of CNY eve.  And J is on leave because we have 2 apartments to set up.  One of my tenants left on 1 Feb and we are cleaning up and repairing some stuff.  The other apartment is new.  So when my hubby suddenly has the mood to do things, I'd better take advantage of it.
Even if it meant working from 10am till 8pm today.
10am: went to bank to settle some technical stuff
11am: went to another bank, change new notes for the CNY angpows.
12pm: Had sandwiches for lunch to save time.
12.30pm:  went to Celcom branch, I needed to change my simple voice plan to a more comprehensive plan that included data access.  Not to mention get a new phone with the package.
1pm: went to 1st apartment, set up the bookshelves and half set up the bed frame.  Left unfinished because of missing parts, probably left in store room at home.
Sneak peek of what is to come!

4pm: went to 2nd apartment, vacuumed and swept and mopped while J repaired a broken cupboard door, a broken shelf and replaced broken pipes, changed light bulbs.  And still cannot finish because now we have quite a major problem of kitchen tiles falling off.  Need to get a kitchen cabinet guy to help fix and now we are smack into CNY holidays.  Looks like this will take some time but I hope to finish this asap to be ready for next tenants!

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