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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Minor Repairs

A little update on my SD Tiara apartment, where the master bedroom was rented out last month.  After the tenant moved in, he found minor problems with the bed (missing screws and one broken bed support plank) and on the water heater.
As landlord of residential properties, we can only be thankful that sometimes there are minor problems like these to be managed.  So today, J went to the apartment to fix the bed first.  We got the spare parts from Ikea, and the broken bed lade was screwed in with another piece of wood.  The whole procedure took less than an hour.
I am glad that J is such a handyman,  he said it is due to some subject called Kemahiran Hidup in secondary school.  Thank goodness for that.  So if you are a landlord, be prepared that there are some maintenance to be done, now and again.
Water heater remains to be fixed another day.


  1. my secondary school does not provide us practical class for kemahiran hidup. but i guess living without a father at home give me the real kemahiran hidup.

    anyway, it is good to have our own 'Mr J' to do it for us ;)

  2. Actually, to get Mr J's time is quite difficult. Have to wait a few weeks!