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Saturday, August 13, 2011

TNB Bill at the Domain - Part 3: Mystery Solved

Following my 2 posts previously (Strange TNB bill at the Domain & TNB Bill Part 2) on the strange TNB bill that arrived at the Domain mailbox, which was not in my name, even though Laketown made the name change; as well as not reflecting the total payments that were made in July, we finally found out what went wrong.
First, the name change was a slip-up from TNB, it was rectified almost immediately. Secondly, we realized that when TNB changed the name, it changed the account number as well.  So my tenants made payment to the old account number last month, and TNB took Laketown's deposit to pay in the new account number - therefore, there was no double payment reflected.
So the mystery is solved, and En. Jauhari clarified he would claim back Laketown's deposit from TNB from the old account number.  Case closed.

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