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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Strange TNB bill at the Domain

In June, the Laketown manager contacted me and said they finally managed to transfer the owners' name from Laketown to me on the TNB bill.  For that TNB has taken Laketown's deposit for the current month's bill.  It so happened that my tenants had paid the TNB bill as well.  So this month's bill should reflect a double payment.
But when July's bill came, there was no credit in it, only the amount to pay for July.
And the best part is, while the name has been changed from Laketown, the owner's name is not my name!
This is strange because when the manager emailed to me the acknowledgement, the owner's name was mine.
I have written to En. Jauhari to clarify the matter, let's see what his answer is to solve the problem.