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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Domain Neocyber, Water Clamping Notice

Today my Domain tenant informed me that there is water clamping notice in the post-box.

When I called the management office, apparently my tenants were owing 2 months' water bill and I owed the current July-Sept maintenance fees - total amounting to >RM700.
However, my tenants cleared the water bill 2 months ago, and I was submitting the payment for maintenance in this 2 days, so the whole affair was a storm in a teacup.  Imagine the panic it caused my tenants.
The management is very strict about collecting fees, which is good, but not good at updating records, which is poor.


  1. rumah saya kena clamp air.. hahahahaah

  2. Eun-yong, is it bcos your tenants tak bayar bil air?

  3. tak.. because of me lambat bayar maintenance bulan jun.. hahahahaaha