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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Repairs at Domain

A year has passed since I took over the keys to my Domain apartment, and it is time for repairs.  The sliding door lock needs to be replaced, and I engaged Mr Sam from the hardware store downstairs to change the lock. It took him a long time because the sliding door lock was difficult to position.  Only 1 type of lock, St. Guchi can fit and that also took a lot of adjustment.  

Mr Sam had mentioned that locksmiths from other areas who are not familiar with the Domain sliding door often bring some other brands of lock to do the replacement, only to find, after hours of trying, that nothing will fit.
When the job was finally done, I left a note to my tenants to use the key and lock "gently".  Even though it is a new lock, it is easily damaged if you turn it by force.  What an inconvenient and unpractical door design!

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