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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Experience of a Tenant in Cyberjaya

Recently I met a new tenant through word of mouth by ex-tenant.  This guy is an Asian expatriate and had been in Cyberjaya for only 1 week, having arrived to work at his company.  Through company contacts, he ended up renting a middle room in one of the other Cyberjaya apartments.
The rental that was told to him by the landlord was RM1,150.  When I heard this, I thought it was for the whole apartment, but he clarified to say that it was only the middle room.  Then he realized that the price was too exorbitant, so he negotiated with the landlord and the rent came down to RM850 (which I think is also not a normal rate).  There was never any tenancy agreement, and the instructions kept changing.
The other part of the story is the apartment does not even have a washing machine.  The laundry service at the apartment had washing machines with coin slots.  It was RM3.50 per wash, and the machine only took 50sen coins.  So he said that he had not done his laundry for many days since it was very difficult for him to collect 50sen coins.
Image from: http://simplywash.com/doing-laundry/
Generally he had a bad impression of the landlord and the place.  Stories of how the landlord is not responsive but only delivers a one-sided instruction to the tenant on what is required, and landlords not returning deposits when the tenants move out were things that he was worried about.  He was very grateful to move out of that apartment after one week, and grateful that he is now finally able to wash clothes.

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