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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tycoon with a Cause Part 2, Dec 2010

My friend, Sara, attended part 2 of the Tycoon with a Cause organized by Freemen in Dec, because we agreed we would partner up and take turns to attend.  In that seminar, Michael himself is the speaker who shared his experience in property investments.  Besides the good learnings from Michael, networking with like-minded participants is also invaluable.
However there were some participants whom were not willing to share their experience.  Yes, I respect that there are some personal areas or secrets that one would not disclose to complete strangers.  In such instances, it is better to just give the short answers or mention that you are uncomfortable to disclose the details, but give a general overview; then the other party should get the message.  Yet, there were also some other people who believe in the law of limitations.  When Sara asked another participant regarding her experience in properties, i.e which area and what type of properties, the answer was: "Haha, cannot tell you la.  Afterwards you become my competitor."
Even Peter Yee, the expert in auction properties, conducts classes on how to win auctions. Was he worried that he would create more competitors in auction sessions?
He said, "I cannot buy all the auction properties. There are plenty to go around."  Learning from the millionaire Peter Yee, Sara and I believe in the law of abundance.  A candle does not become dimmer if you use it to light another candle.  There are plenty of properties to go around, you cannot buy them all ;-)


  1. yes, i agree with you.
    by not sharing the info, can you guaratee only you get the gems of the property investment? there are lots and lots of mines outside there and each one of us have our own investment personality. i believe in giving.. then you will get back more than you give.
    hm.. remembered my old friend's mother once said, "kalau kita tolong orang hari ni, esok orang akan tolong kita pula. mungkin bukan org yang sama yg kita pernah tolong tp orang lain pula.."

  2. That's why you are so selfless and willing to help others, Eun-young! The law of attraction says if you give and you are happy giving away, you will attract more good things so that you can continue to give.

  3. hm.. i pray that law of attraction will works for me.. hehehe... btw, thank you haruki. let us be among the kind-hearted and generous wealthy people in malaysia..