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Thursday, December 2, 2010

SD Tiara looking for one last tenant again

Just an update here about my SD Tiara apartment.  By November I already had 3 tenants and no more empty rooms.  Then last week the last tenant who moved in about 3 weeks told me he had to break the contract and move out.  That was because his company who moved him to Kepong last month, suddenly moved him to work in Perak.
As he only paid the rental for November and also one month's deposit - he was supposed to pay 2.5 mths deposit and November rental but because he moved in mid month he asked for a little leeway to pay the balance by month end - he asked me how to settle the balance.  He actually owed me more than that, and the contract was already signed and stamped, but I felt pity on this guy who was suddenly moved again, and told him it was ok, I just forfeit that one month's deposit.  After all, I had no loss, except to find another tenant. He was very happy.  He told me that luckily the company was fair to him, they would let him claim the rental and deposit.
So now my apartment is looking for one last tenant. I believe if I am a fair and good landlord, eventually I will find my good last tenant.


  1. if the company can refund the deposit, you should not forfeit the one month deposit la... he can get back the money what... :)

  2. Hahaha Anie, unfortunately when he told me the company can pay for him, I already accepted his negotiation earlier. My rezeki is elsewhere ;-)