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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Upgrading Furnishings

I have now held the Domain apartment for 5 years and some of the furniture are old and required replacement.  The first thing that had to go was the Haier aircond.  From day 1, the aircond was didn't feel like it was cool. So I checked out websites for newer aircond models that are affordable, and landed on Pensonic from lazada.com.my, the cheapest of the lot.  Unfortunately, they didn't have stock and had to reject my order.
Then, Hubby J went to hunt for a unit for us.  We finally settled on Electrolux 1HP for RM780 from TBM.  Actually I just checked again now, Sen Heng is giving an online deal for only RM750, and RM899 plus installation.

Next is to update the poor old sofa, that has been battered over the last 5 years, even 1 of the back cushions are missing.  So I bought a 2nd hand sofa from a private seller, which I hope will last at least 10 years.

I'm thinking to make the apartment as clean and comfy as possible to continue to attract good tenants who would take care of their rooms and the apartment.

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