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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hari Mengecat Sedunia (World Painting Day)

I am borrowing this theme from my blogger and property investor friend, who replied to my comment on her page.  Hari Mengecat Sedunia, hehe!
Her post and comments
Hubby and I also painted one of our rooms today.  After the tenant moved out, we found it almost in dilapidated conditions.
Before painting, but after scraping off the old paint

Not sure how tenant could live in such dirty conditions
Using the long 3-day weekend (Thaipusam on Friday), we cleaned up as best as we could, and spent Sunday painting the room.  This is my first experience painting.  Hard work, but quite satisfactory.

Curtains washed and walls painted

Vacuumed and cleaned even under the bed

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