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Friday, November 23, 2012

A "New" Washing Machine

I needed a new washing machine to replace my old one.  Unfortunately, because of the space constraint in the kitchen that is designated for the washing machine, I can only choose top-loaders.
I have had my National washing machine since I first moved into my apartment.  It had to be serviced several times but it is still a hardy, working horse.

My trusted working horse

But now it is time to replace it and we choose the "same" brand again, Panasonic, to match the size closely.
Being an avid property buyer, I have had experience buying used washing machines and learnt that actually some people sell pretty new ones at good prices, because they were moving houses or leaving the country.
So I got mine today which is about 1 year old, at a bargain.

"New" model

Why didn't I just buy a new one?  Because I want to save money to buy a front loader when I move house in 2-3 years' time.
The catch is: we have to transport it on our own.  So I asked Rohaniah Noor, how she also used to transport a washing machine into her rental property. She told us we could transport it by putting it on its side in a car which you could fold down the backseats. That gave us some confidence. And we did it. J and I were the coolies.


  1. wowww.. congrats for the sort of new washing machine.
    and yes, congrats too because succefully transport it using your sedan car.
    really cool

  2. Thanks, Anie! Sometimes we do crazy things to save.

  3. Can u share where u bought the 'new' washing machine?i'm in the midst to get 'new' washing machine and a few 'new' electrical appliances for my rental property..

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