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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ikea Expedit Bookcase - waiting to get into our new apartment

In anticipation of vacant possession of an apartment, we are now collecting furniture to furnish it.  One of the good deals I got is this Ikea Expedit bookcase, which I have been watching out for one since a few months ago. This is because the studio unit really needs a divider between the living space and the bed, so this is an essential piece of furniture.
New selling price is RM699, I got it at RM300.  It took hubby about 10mins to dismantle it, and then both of us loaded it into the car, in the hot sun.  Buying 2nd hand means we have to provide our own labour and transport. Then again, so is buying new from Ikea.  
I can't wait to start doing up the new apartment, but so far no news yet on the VP.   However, in keeping with the law of attraction, one should behave as if one has already got the keys!  Let's hope that this bookcase would not lie too long in storage.


  1. where did u get this IKEA used item? I noticed u always purchase 2nd hand IKEA stuff..

  2. Salfhi, you can check online, there are people selling Ikea stuff everyday.