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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do RENs have to give preference to their company lawyers?

Is there such a regulation for real estate negotiators (REN) that they must recommend their company lawyer to both the buyer and seller for processing of the sales & purchase agreement (SPA)?  Because I come across a REN who introduced his company lawyer to me (buyer) and the seller.  When I did not appoint his company lawyer because I already have my regular lawyer, the REN also refused to give the contact of the seller to my lawyer.  I had hoped that the seller could use my lawyer too, then it will ease the process of the SPA.

The REN told me he must follow procedure, which is he must wait until the seller either appoints or rejects his company lawyer, before moving on to next step, which is giving the contact to my lawyer to send the draft SPA.
By the time the seller decides to appoint or not to appoint his company lawyer, it is likely the seller has chosen his own representation, and would not have got the chance to hear from my lawyer.

I am a bit frustrated that the REN is not helping to ease the transaction for me, but rather hindering it through "folllowing procedures".  So if anyone is familiar with this, please help clarify, do RENs really have such a strict procedure to follow regarding lawyers, or is there personal vested interest in this?

Photo from: http://www.betadaily.com/2010/03/28/how-to-become-a-real-estate-agent/


  1. aiyoo... another agent's problem ka?
    hm.. i think this is just personal interest la.. to get the commission. as far as i know, there are no such rules or procedures.. hopefully somebody from REN can clarify this.

  2. eun-yong, the REN says he cannot simply give the contact of the seller to my lawyer, the procedure is if the seller rejects his company lawyer, then he will give the contact to my lawyer. I really bengang.

  3. no la.. i have not had the same experience before... tell him that this will delay the s&p preparation. jgn salahkan kita kalau sign s&p lewat